Pavlov's House Scenario

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Pavlov's House Scenario

Postby 50th » Sun Sep 17, 2017 11:11 pm

I recently downloaded from 1A Games website, the Tide of Iron scenario, Pavlov's House. In the scenario, it suggest that you need the base game and the Stalingrad expansion. I don't have the Stalingrad expansion, but I noticed that all of the map boards used in the scenario are from the base game. So I used the Russian army pieces from the other Russian expansion, The Fury of the Bear, to play the scenario. This scenario is based on a battle where Sergeant Yakov Pavlov led his platoon to seize an apartment building and together with minefields, barbed wire, and anti-tank guns from the rooftops to keep the advancing Germans at bay. The building overlooked the 9th January Square, which was fortified with the minefields and barbed wire by Lt. Ivan Afanasiev and the men under his command. Between thirty and fifty men took refuge inside the building, which defended a key section of the Volga River bank. Pavlov instructed his men to dig communications trenches, which were also used for supplies. The defenders had the advantage that they could see for at least 1 Km and could lay down a barrage of machine gun and anti-tank rifle fire from the upper floor and rooftop of the building. The turrets of the German attacking tanks couldn't raise high enough to shoot the roof of the building except at a long range. Finally, two days short of two months, the defenders were relieved by counter attacking Soviet forces.


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Re: Pavlov's House Scenario

Postby Whiterook » Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:42 pm

WOW....I knew of this, but had not looked into it, yet. This may finally get me to set that dang game up soon, over Christmas vacation!!!

By the way Ron: Dan Verssen Games (DVG) will have their version of Pavlov's House soon! I helped out with the rules on that, and some playtesting on VASSAL. It's VERY cool!!!
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