The Death of Vn Jager and his U-226

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The Death of Vn Jager and his U-226

Postby von Jager » Fri Apr 01, 2016 1:46 pm

The Hunters-German U-Boats at War 1939-1943

The Death of Von Jager and the Sinking of U-226.

April 1st U-226 and her commander and veteran crew sally forth for their 16th Patrol, this time into the Azores region of the Atlantic.

18 April, 1942: after days of routine drills, U-226 picks up a convoy of two large freighters a small freighter and a tanker.

von Jager chooses not too wait for a better chance to attack fearing losing the convoy as a approaching storm might make shadowing difficult and s he decides to attack submerged.

deciding to ignore the small freighter(2,000 ton Estrellano) and attack the two large freighters and Tanker, von Jager chooses to spend two eels at the large Freighter #2 (7,500 ton Ville de Mons) and two eels at the tanker (7,000 Sagona) and one eel from the Aft tube at the large freighter#1( 6,300 ton Sagour).

The Ville de Mons is hit by one fish as the second misses, while the tanker Sagona is hit by both torpedos and erupts ina ball of flames.

The Aft tub hits the Sagour and damages the freighter but does not sink her.

The escort reacts quickly and von Jager orders a Test Depth dive and attempts to evade the escort but the escort is wise to the move and bingo's von Jager's move(had he not attempted to evade, there would have been no hits).

for his evasive efforts U-226 is hot three times causing flooding and damaging engine #1. and one minor damage.

The Escort makes another run and this time at test depth von Jager decides not to use evasive moves (engine damage would have made it difficult anyway) again the escort dings the U-Boat for three hits and another flooding and now the hydrophone is damaged and the 88 gun mantle is hit for minor damage. But the escort loses the signal of U-226 and von Jager quietly slips away.

April 19th 0200 Hrs: the flooding is stopped and bilged out, engine#1 however is damaged beyond sea repair as is the Hydrophones and von Jager radios in code he is aborting his patrol, and logs the 7,500 ton tanker as his only success for Patrol #16.

Due to engine damage the trip home is slow and dangerous( encounters are rolled twice for each box). six days pass with no issues however as they enter the Bay of Biscay they are spotted by an aircraft.

2nd WO Ziegler is on duty, and new to the boat but his watch crew is veteran and alerts the boat of the aircraft, and a crash dive.

22 April, 1942 0828 Hrs: the first officer Lt. Florian Pisl is on the tower with a cup of coffee, the boat will likely be at the sub pens this time tomorrow he judges and he is looking forward to some rest after this patrol which has been nerve wracking. \His momentary daydream is shatter with the scream of Alarm as an aircraft is sighted in the early morning overcast. Scrambling to get down the tower three men are caught flat and wounded, as Pisl looks at them crumpled on the deck,

"hurry close the hatch, crash dive yells von Jager below him, but the words are too late and are drowned out with a shuddering explosion as a bomb hits squarely on the conning tower and ripps the conn off as the boat crest the waves.

Massive waves pour into the Boat and the boat noses down quickly beneath the waves. A pass over the area by the plane shows debris and some fuel atop the water, but no rafts...Thus ends the legacy of the double shamrock adorned boat known as U-226.

30 April, 1942: Der Angriff, the Berlin Newspaper reports on Page one below news that over one million men have been killed in Russia since June 22,1941, that KorvettanKaptain Jochiem von Jager and the crew of U-226 have been lost. von Jager is credited with 213,000 tons of shipping over 16 Patrols and 32 ships sunk, making him the third highest U-Boat Ace of all Germany.

Best known for his sinking of the HMS Barnham on his First Patrol, would be invested with the swords to his Knights Cross with Oak Leaves as a final tribute to a true Ace of the Deep.

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