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He To Use This Board

Postby Whiterook » Fri Mar 25, 2016 1:19 pm

The Writer's Corner is your place to share fictional stories you've personally written. These stories can be military related, game related, or just about anything that you pen. They can be short stories; novellas and noveletts, poems, fictional memoirs of battle, etc. Full blown novels probably isn't appropriate....and if you're writing a full blown novel, shouldn't you be publishing it!? What I am saying is, be kind to my limited server space!!!!

Another particularly intriguing idea for this corner is, short stories based on games you play....different rom an After Atcion Report which chronically the battle, this would be a story from a first person or other vantage point re-telling of battle played, in story form.

Your only limitation is that it be tasteful and nonabusive.

No erotica :lol: :shock:

Written content with racism, anti-Semitic or otherwise anti-religious views (this is not the forum for such things, period), or any other form of commentary or views of degrading, harmful, hateful dialogue will be deleted by the Moderator Corps, and the poster subject to Offical Warning.
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