Virtual tabletop: as respectable as real miniatures?

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Is using a virtual tabletop as respectable as using actual miniatures?

No, because it doesn't provide the battlefield "feel"
No, because it doesn't require the same level of work/care/pride
No votes
No, because using a computer leaves out the social element of playing an opponent face-to-face
No votes
Yes, because you're doing the same thing from a different point of view
Yes, because ultimately it's all about playing the game
I have no opinion either way
Total votes: 10

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Re: Virtual tabletop: as respectable as real miniatures?

Postby Frizzenspark » Mon Aug 15, 2016 9:25 pm

I voted other; with the epitath: "It depends..." It's been more than ten years since I've been out of the military; even then, we were using computers to track our (and known enemy) positions on the battlefield. information could be plotted in a user-friendly format. At the same time we still used stickies on actual maps covered with acetate.

I have played several miniature-style games on the computer Harpoon 97; Alexander the Great (and three other ancient leaders) and my favorite, "A Bridge Too Far". In theory, if you're playing chess on the computer, it's still a miniature game.

I'm currently working off of a "knee-top" computer, so I lack the ability to play any sophisticated games, though I don't begrudge others the right to play what they want. I enjoyed them several years back, judging by the date it shows how long it has been since I've played anything on the PC.

There is certainly a place for computer-based gaming, though it's something I've lost the interest for.
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