Chain Reaction 3.0, plus scenarios from the REAL pros

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Chain Reaction 3.0, plus scenarios from the REAL pros

Postby josta59 » Thu Aug 01, 2013 10:47 am

Hello friends, I had a couple of interesting finds this morning. First I downloaded a free rulebook from 2HourWargames, the final version of a game called Chain Reaction, version 3.0. It makes use of the THW reaction system for miniatures wargaming that is apparently very popular. It also seems to have just about everything I would need to make a solo campaign a little easier.

You can get this game here:

I see Whiterook posted a bunch of Nuts! games from this website a month ago. I suspect this is similar, but it's free! Has anyone else tried out a game from this publisher? Might be fun to get a game going here. It's much longer than the FUBAR system I've been using lately, but it's shorter than my other miniatures rules and looks better organized.

Secondly, I was just on and saw someone posted a link to a U.S. Army page, from their Armor magazine, with thirteen tactical vignettes, along with solutions, that would make perfect modern wargaming scenarios, especially when armor is involved. All the commenters on TMP seemed to agree that these would work very well. They're available as free PDFs and include maps. It's quite a find. That link is here:
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