v2 rumours.

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v2 rumours.

Postby Frank » Tue May 17, 2016 1:52 pm

One of the lads went to a tournament at the weekend and was talking to a guy from one of the clubs playtesting some of the proposed new rules and while there is no guarenttee that these rules will be changed they do make sense and could improve the game.

The recce move out of trouble is only supposed to be available if you have not already moved. I am not too sure I agree with this as recce used to be too good but this really nerfs recce vehicles, possibly a test to be able to recce if you have already moved could be better.

All machine guns are supposed to get an extra shot. It seems that a lot of people are not taking mg,s as they don`t think they are worth the cost, this could change that.

H E.
Probable introduction of templates for indirect fire. This makes sense as I think we have all had the situation of landing a mortar round on a small team (arti spotter or officer group) with a unit next to them escaping totally unscathed.

When you activate an officer you can also take a dice out of the bag and activate another unit if within range. Different ranks can activate different amounts of unit with a 2nd Lt activating 1 unit, a 1st Lt 2, going up to 4 for the optional staff officers. This could make a big difference as you would know that you could activate however many units. I am just wondering if gamey players would spam small platoons keeping them all together to land a heavier blow.

These were the only things mentioned, the guy did say that there were a couple of things he could not talk about. It is also possible that different clubs were given different rules to try out so no-one would know all of the potential changes.
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Re: v2 rumours.

Postby Whiterook » Mon Jun 20, 2016 7:17 pm

I hung in there with the first three; but the fourth one blew my mind.....that bit on the officers doesn't seem right to me, for the same reason you mentioned on gamey players.
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