Tigers on the Hun Review - because it may as well be ASLSK.

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Tigers on the Hun Review - because it may as well be ASLSK.

Postby Duncan » Fri Apr 08, 2016 2:53 am

This is a quick cut and paste of a review I did for the AHIKS newsletter.

Tigers on the Hunt by Matrix Games is outside AHIKS usual mandate. However, it is so heavily influenced by Squad Leader and has significant enough interest from that community to warrant a review here. First I must warn you, I am going to say quite a few bad things about this game. Then I am going to tell you that I enjoy it and who should buy it.

I cannot recomment Tigers on the Hunt to most people interested in computer wargames. The included graphics are quite poor, the user interface is a nuissance, and after playing just over half a dozen games I am learning that the AI is not very good. There is also no provision for multiplayer. If you are looking for a straight computer wargame there are many others to choose from that are better. If you are looking for a boardgame to computer game conversion I would suggest purchasing Mark H. Walker’s Lock ‘N’ Load Heroes of Stalingrad or Conflict of Heroes. Both are vastly superior to Tigers on the Hunt.

So, what do I have to say that is good about Tigers on the Hunt? It is almost a direct copy of Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit. There are some noticeable ommisions. For example, you cannot form firegroups unless the units are stacked. Rout works somewhat differently. But the basic flavour is there. It has good fog of war. You cannot see a unit on the map unless there is line of sight. And there is a command and control structure used to change difficulty. Another great thing about this game is the support from users. There are quite a few mods that improve the graphics and a large collection of user created (mostly converted ASL) scenarios available, with more coming all the time.

If I were just asked, “Should I buy Tigers on the Hunt?” I would have to say no. However, there is a group that will enjoy it quite a bit, as I do. If you play any of the Squad Leader games and are looking for something to fill the gap between face to face games this product is for you. But there are a couple provisions. First, buy it on sale. Matrix Games has fairly steep prices, which is understandable being a niche hobby with a limited market. Second, the graphics mods are a must. I can’t play using the original graphics. They are ugly and my bifocals without a zoom just can’t handle it. The skin mods add counter information and flavour. Let’s face it, the only reason you’re playing this is because it reminds you of Squad Leader. You may as well get as much of the flavour as you can, and the mods are needed for this.

Tigers on the Hunt is not the holy grail of Advanced Squad Leader in a computer format that we were hoping for. It’s not a game I can recommend to a non-ASL player. It is a good attempt at Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit. Tigers on the Hunt has a limited appeal but will be enjoyed by those who play ASL and need a fix when they can’t find a face to face player or have nothing cued up on VASAL.

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Re: Tigers on the Hun Review - because it may as well be ASL

Postby Whiterook » Mon Apr 11, 2016 7:10 pm

Very good review....it answered a lot of questions that were forming in my mind from your other thread that showed a screenshot of a game in progress.

I can say for me, it's not for me....mainly because other than playing on VASSAL or VASL, I haven't played a computer war-game since (strangely enough) the electronic version of Squad Leader, which was so horrible I could never bring myself to buy a computer game again! (...I also understand it to me one of the worst electronic games ever made, so there's my luck for 'ya!).

I have indeed, enjoyed my PS2 wargames (especially Wolfenstein, LOL)....but I just can't break into PC games.
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