The Nuremberg mini-CG

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The Nuremberg mini-CG

Postby Whiterook » Sat Mar 26, 2016 1:10 pm

This is from Sean Deller - esteemed ASL luminary :D
Suggested and written by Chuck Tewksbury, of Yankee ASL

'The Nuremberg mini-CG from the Journal (scenarios J143-145) is a great newbie team play option. Our gaming group had a blast with this. While each player strives to win his scenario, their primary focus is on earning/denying the VPs for the team victory. The winning team will likely not win all three scenarios, and may only win one of the three. Once the pre-game collaboration (which includes the assignment of reinforcement groups), the three scenarios can be payed simultaneously.

Here's how we did it. Split the players into two teams, with the most experienced player serving as team captain. The team discusses and decides who will play each scenario, and who will receive which reinforcement groups. The team captain can help each player develop a sound strategy in order to achieve his VP contribution to the team's victory. The newbies learned a lot about how to craft an attack/defense, and the team play woofing was great fun.'
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