LEARNING METHOD: 3-Team Play with All Newbs

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LEARNING METHOD: 3-Team Play with All Newbs

Postby Whiterook » Sat Mar 26, 2016 10:37 am

Introduced to me in a thread at the Yankee ASL Goup, by Paul Chicoine. I have interpreted what he provided on the group mailing list and elaborated, hopefully keeping the mechanics straight.

Players set up nine boards (3 sets of 3), all abutted. The boards can be randomly drawn (by board number) so that you never know what battlefield you'll be playing on.

A player has three boards (vertically from his position) that are his Zone of Control, from his side of the board, to his opponents' side directly across from you; and he, vice-versa. The player to your side has his three boards, up vertically, and so on.

Each player starts with a basic Infantry Company. The chit pulls would bring in air support, OBA, vehicles, towed guns, and so forth....depending on how complexity-level the players are at. Theoretically, I totally see this being played just with the straight Infantry company per player; and then as skill-level (or desire) rises, go into the Chit draw....

However, the chit draw brings forth a high degree of fog of war, because you never know what units you will pick. Sometimes commanders needed to swap what they drew because they would be better off in the others area, so they had to have them cross the unit boundaries to change ownership.

Team-play ASL with all the newbies, or similar-level players. This way you have three guys on a side, which provides the benefit of being easier to collaborate and ask questions among each other on your side. It's basically a 'Strength In Numbers'-thing, where you all help each other out, without necessarily benefiting directly the other side. Of course they can hear you :D

Part of this play mechanic is, a player can move anywhere in his ZOC; but if he strays onto any other adjacent palters' board-set, Your units now belong to that (partner) player. [NOTE: This is fascinating to me, as it also allows a kinda, Commander reinforcing Commander dynamic! I see this just as valuable in play for veteran players desiring a multi-player game.]

Your units and reinforcements (companies, vehicle platoons, batteries, assets) are drawn from chit cups and the ASL pieces come from an inventory sheet. So each time you play, it's always a different game.

Victory conditions are either control of the boards; or VP for units destroyed and prisoners taken. It is a pretty fast and fun way of learning the system with minimal anxiety.

The advantage of this style of play, for new-comers, is that you learn faster and it is more of a collaborative and social way of learning. The reinforcement chits will bring in OBA, vehicles and guns, so you learn a lot of the system incrementally.
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