Red Devils of Bridge 10 (LNLT, Heroes of Normandy)

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Red Devils of Bridge 10 (LNLT, Heroes of Normandy)

Postby Whiterook » Thu Jul 21, 2016 8:28 pm

Lock 'N Load Tactical, Red Devils of Bridge 10.pdf
Lock 'N Load Tactical, Red Devils of Bridge 10
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This is a scenario I designed.


September 18, 1944, Neerbosch Bridge
Operation Market Garden, D+1

Commanding a roadblock south of Nijmegen, Platoon Leader, Lt.Lloyd L. Polette, Jr., Co.F of the 82nd PIR, received new orders from 2nd Battalion HQ to capture a new objective: Take 25 of his “Red Devils” and capture Bridge 10 on the Maas-Wall Canal, and organize a defense. Attached to Polette’s half platoon would be a section of 25 men from 2nd Battalion Machine Gun Platoon, under the command of Assistant Platoon Leader, Lt. Jean H. Trahin; and 25 men from 2nd Battalion 81mm Mortar Platoon, under the command of Lt. Edward V. Ott. By 1100 hours, the small force made its way to within 150 meters of the target bridge and found itself severely outnumbered and under intense enemy fire. The Germans destroyed the adjacent railroad bridge, but the Bridge 10 highway bridge still stood.


Operation Market Garden. The 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) of the 82nd Airborne “Red Devils” dropped into Holland on September 17, 1944. They were assigned to Drop Zone T, located just northeast of Groesbeek, at the Wylerbaan. Main targets for the 82nd Airborne Division were: The bridges at Grave, Malden, Heumen, Hatert, Neerbosch/Honinghutje; and the ultimate goal, the Waal bridges (rail/road) at Nijmegen.

During the night, troops of the 508th tried in vain to capture the bridge over the Waal at Nijmegen.
The Germans had set up defenses around the bridge, which were hard to destroy by the lightly armed paratroopers of the the 82nd Airborne Division. Objectives were failing and moving into the next day.

While Company A and B were still fighting for Nijmegen, elements Company F of the 508th, with attached machine gun and mortar sections attacked to the west, towards the Maas-Waal canal.
Together, with troops of the 504th, which patrolled the Maas-Waal canal on the west, the Americans were able to capture another bridge over the canal; the bridge at Neerbosch/Honinghutje. Now lines for the 82nd Airborne Division were stretched from the Maas at Grave, towards the high grounds to the east at Groesbeek.

This scenario plays out mid-day at the Neerbosch/Honinghutie, Bridge 10. Units are full strength, moving Northwest along the canal at start of play. 504th PIR does not enter play at the time of this scenario.
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