Incident of the Seven Jeeps (LNLT, Heroes of Normandy)

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Incident of the Seven Jeeps (LNLT, Heroes of Normandy)

Postby Whiterook » Thu Jul 21, 2016 8:18 pm

Incident of the Seven Jeeps.pdf
Incident of the Seven Jeeps Scenario
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This is a scenario that I designed.


The events that inspired it were from September 18, 1944, St. Oedenrode, Operation Market Garden, D+1

St. Oedenrode was situated on an important junction between the Allied landing zones in Zon and Vechel, being part of the corridor of the British XXX Corp’s passage to conquer Nijmegen. General Taylor assigned two 101st Airborne Division Reconnaissance Platoon jeeps to escort five other jeeps, under the command of a colonel from the 1st Allied Airborne Army, up to the 501st PIR in Vechel. Tearing through St. Oedenrode, all seven jeeps took the road to German-occupied Schijndel, rather than turning right toward Vechel. Company C outposts tried to flag them down, but they sped past unheeding. The jeeps didn’t learn of their mistake until Germans opened fire on them with small arms and mortars 3-miles up the road. One jeep brewed up, five others ditched; and the one carrying 1st AAA, Col. Cartwright, managed to make a getaway, back to St. Oedenrode, where he requested a rescue of his party.


The scenario takes place on Operation Market Garden, D+1. The rescue element of Lt. Michael and Sgt. Hill, with 2 full squads and a half squad, a scout, and 2 medics of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR), 101st Airborne, C Company, 2nd Platoon, must work their way up the road to Shhijndel on a rescue mission.

One rescue squad must split into 2-half squads in order to board the 2 functional jeeps (each) in hex M5 and drive like hell off board per the VC.

The medics must move onto the wounded squads in building N6 in order to assist them. To extricate them, they can either: Move the wounded and board onto a functional jeep(s), with the rescue half squad(s); or alternately, the medics can carry the wounded out with a rescue squad. If the Medics cannot reach the casualties, one casualty unit is removed from play.
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