New Memoir Scenario; Kursk Northern Sailent

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New Memoir Scenario; Kursk Northern Sailent

Postby 50th » Tue May 23, 2017 11:14 pm

I once wrote the Memoir 44 scenario, "Kursk Southern Sailent" about one of my favorite battles of WWII, The Battle of Kursk. I've also written a Tide of Iron scenario about the Southern Sailent. I did some research this month about the Northern Sailent. One of the things I wanted to find out was if there were any Panther tanks in the battle. I found out they were all in another city near the Southern Sailent. Many of them broke down before they could get into the battle. This scenario is about the Northern battles near and around the town of Ponyri (pronounced Pon a re). There was a lot of fighting around the railway station, the tractor station (where they sold and worked on tractors), and the school. The Soviets had a triple layer of defense including anti-tank ditches, minefields, and trenches.
Here is a picture of the version I am working on now:


Here is a picture of the map I set up this morning, where I forgot to include a line of forest hexes near the railroad tracks to the North:


I thought I had checked the set up before finishing and playing, but apparently, I hadn't. In this mornings set up, I used the cardboard armor chits from Operation Overlord instead of four tank miniatures for tank destroyers (two tank destroyers, two cardboard tanks). I used M-10 tank destroyer miniatures from TOI for the Soviet tank destroyers (or TD badges). I also used anti-tank gun miniatures for the two Soviet ant-tank gun units. True to the historical battle, the Soviet army won. They kept the Germans from even reaching the city hexes of Ponyri (four hexes next to the school [church hex] in the center). I will post the scenario here after I play test it one more time.
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