The making of 'Hare & Hounds with the Heines'

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The making of 'Hare & Hounds with the Heines'

Postby Whiterook » Sat Jul 16, 2016 9:43 pm

This was an interesting, small sub-story I came across in my reading of the book, 'Rendezvous With Destiny'. I sure in the chaos of war, this happened often; but a wayward group of soldiers in a jeep get caught in a situation where they are suddenly in the shit pile.

It plays out on the Lock 'N Load Publishing, Heroes of Normandy wargame (formerly, Band of Heroes).

I immediately gravitated to the challenge of a lone jeep, all of a sudden fighting for it's very life....and the choices that have to be made in the fly.

The snippet took up just over a page of detail, and the details were slim. No mention of what division the Germans belong to, nor their strength and numbers. On the flip side, the Americans are well defined. The telling that there was a Major was no problem; and there were three enlisted men made it a fair easy decision to use a half squad. The issue came when deciding how to tackle the Artillery Officer.... using a Hero seemed the most appropriate choice, as it needed to be a non-system (Lock 'N Load) Leader unit, yet still have the quality of a leader.

For the Germans, it was artistic license time! The true story depicts the scene as the Americans being overwhelming outnumbered. Throwing a bunch of German 2-6-4-5 Squads all around would make for a pretty quick play :lol: So I contemplated the fact that the depiction of story also did not mention scale of expanse in ground covered, so I figure the map area covers a possibly smaller expanse that the actual events; and further figured that since the area was general country area, it was a fairly good bet that the actual German squads would be mostly small groups...half squads...and minimal leadership messing with things. This makes the scenario a little better balanced, yet keep the over-numbered quality on the Americans.

The interesting challenge I see the American player finding themselves faced with right off the bat, will likely being to try to plow out with the jeep. The German player has a good chance at stopping that from happening. So the American player likely has to consider unloading some or all of the soldiers, and combining with the jeep to cut a hole in the German lines first as a possible tactic. The jeep has some pretty hefty firepower!

I decided to load up the German side with as much as I felt made sense, and try a few playtests to how it works: If it's too easy, I'll add more Germans; but I don't see myself taking any away. Here's the draft version.....

Hare & Hounds with the Heines.pdf
Hare & Hounds with the Heines
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Hare & Hounds with the Heines.png
Hare & Hounds with the Heines Map
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