Scenario Card: Set the Scene

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Scenario Card: Set the Scene

Postby Whiterook » Thu Jan 28, 2016 9:35 pm

One of the most overlooked elements of the aspiring scenario designer, is the Scenario Card.

Often, so much thought and research go into the actual scenario that, many rush right into a demonstration, or After Action Report's retell ing of how the scenario is played. It's actually a common pitfall, if you look closely on many forum sites. Other times, a very plain word=processing document is prepared and displayed, showing the nones of a scenario.

The problem with this is: You're missing the opportunity to capture your audience.

There are many things to keep in mind here....

First and foremost is, we humans of the 21st Century have the attention span of a drunken gnat. You need to hook them in seconds. A plain white sheet of typed gobble-gook is not going to generally do it. The more attractive you make the scenario card, the quicker you get the hook in; and then it's up to the actual scenario to reel them in!

Another aspect is, you want to show professionalism. A well designed scenario card shows that you are serious about presenting a *product*, and not cocktail napkin.

Then there's the issue of multiplicity. If you are writing scenarios for one system, you want your scenario cards to have a consistent look and appeal.

Digging deeper into this is, a well designed scenario card should walk your through the essentials easily (read) and get you into the game quickly. Common design encompasses....

  • A Snazzy Title
  • An Introdunction to the battle or scene;
  • An enticing picture that captures the feel;
  • Balance descriptive;
  • Map configuration;
  • A Turn Record Track;
  • Order of Battle for each side;
  • Special Scenario Rules (SSR)

Some great examples:





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Re: Scenario Card: Set the Scene

Postby McCoy » Fri Jan 29, 2016 7:52 am

Wasn't there one Scenario card in Squad Leader that was called "Dire Straits"? It was there that I learnt that it's not just a British Rock group name but an expression as well...
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