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How to Use This Board

Postby Whiterook » Thu Jan 21, 2016 8:47 pm

Captain's Log is where you, as a member of this site, can tell your personal story. Like a General writing his memoir; like Kirk detailing the adventures of the Enterprise; like a regular Joe or Josephine that maintains a journal... this is where you shed some light not only to your fellow members, but perhaps gain personal insight into yourself!

NOTE: Each member can keep only ONE log.

...but what you put in that log is totally up to you; whether it's a strict Wargamer's log, or a mashup of a bit of everything. You are free to post what you like in here, with some common-sense restrictions:

  • You are still subject to all the forum rules;
  • If you get too controversial, you will be edited;
  • In other words, keep it Classy!

Enjoy. Share. Inspire. Tell us YOUR story!
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