Origins Game Fair 22-26 June Columbus, Ohio

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Origins Game Fair 22-26 June Columbus, Ohio

Postby Frizzenspark » Sun Jun 26, 2011 7:08 pm

Granted, this one has just wrapped up so this is a brief AAR. I caught the tail-end of it, didn't play any games... but seriously, Sunday is always dead for this convention. (just enough to keep everyone from packing up on Saturday night.

The miniatures hall was combined with the board gamer's hall... we're talking major shrinkage here folks...

The vendor's area was about as good as usual.... some favorites were there, some new ones were not I picked up some Splintered Light Halflings to round out an Essex Halfling HotT army.

I also picked up a platoon of FoW Sherman DD tanks on sale; I wanted them partially for the novelty, but I'm currently reading a book written by a Normandy DD commander... the same dealer from last year had the same three last year for the same price and I kicked myself all year for not picking them up then.
Those plus a delicious Chicken Chipotle sandwich from Subway were my only purchases.

As I understand it next years convention will be in May; Comfest the local annual Hippie celebration is right next door and competes for resources, like parking and access to Jenni's Ice Cream. Vice President Biden spoke at an altogether different function at the convention center and added further chaos into such a congested mess that is Columbus's Arena District.
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Re: Origins Game Fair 22-26 June Columbus, Ohio

Postby Whiterook » Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:42 pm

WOW....that was sad to hear about the combining of the miniatures and boardgaming halls! Folks, for those that heve never been to this con, that IS major shrinkage, as Frizz says. In fact, I can't even imagine it in my head after having attended the con.

I just checked out the site and they have a con recap that states they had increased sales of the Full badges; and that the combination of said halls was: "This year we made a real effort to move events into as much intimate and comfortable space as possible."

I don't know....the last time I attended was in 2008? I was getting a vibe then that things may be a bit 'difficult' for the con, as there was a notable decrease Axis & Allies Miniatures involvement, in some missing big vendors, and the con staff seemed to me, very stressed. I hope they are not on the decline, because it is a VERY cool con to go to! I will remain optimistic that they are fine and will stay strong for many years to come.
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