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San Marino Game Convention (SMGC

Postby Lucky Luke » Thu May 18, 2017 6:20 pm


For the first time I attended the San Marino Game Convention (SMGC) in San Marino, of course …. ;)

With a fellow gamer, Sergio, I travelled by car (a 4 hours trip from Rome) to the awesome San Marino location (very nice from a touristic point of view also..)

The convention took place at the Best Western Hotel in San Marino and the gaming hall was a sight for my sore eyes!!!

- sala.jpg

Only two tournaments were held: ASL and one involving the 18XX railway games family

There were a lot of free gaming and some demo tables.
Friday afternoon I played a short game of Wing Leader: Supremacy (the late war game of the Wing Leader series). I was somewhat rusty with this game system but quite quickly I scrubbed clean the game concepts: this game teach you how to do air battles because there is no room for “creative thinking”, if you don’t follow the ‘right way’ the game will educate you in the hard (very hard!) way.

- WL.jpg
- WL.jpg (22.3 KiB) Viewed 332 times

The President of “Associazione Sammarinese Giochi Storici” (San Marino Historical Gaming Association) was my worthy adversary in a sweep scenario between his 7 Luftwaffe Squadron (3 formed by 190D fighters and the other Me109) and my 4 RAF Squadrons, half flying Tempest and half on Spitfire XIV.
The Tempest squadrons were setup higher than the German planes while the Spitfires were a “relieve force” to help the Tempest to break contact and go home.

I dived on the 190s out of the sun gaining a lot of positive DRMs in the subsequent intercept combat.
I (shame on me) never rolled under 9 with 2d6 (higher rolls bring more damage to the enemy), demonstrated clearly two things:
1) my ‘Lucky Luke’ nickname is exactly right and
2) my adversary demonstrated his gentlemanship without any doubt…he showed a British aplomb without any expletive before such a lucky a**hole like me!

To make a long (and sad) story short, the Tempest manhandled the 190D breaking their formation and shooting down the majority of the enemy fighters (ouch! The 4 Hispano 20mm cannon are a meat grinder…!)

With the 190s turning home almost wiped out I put my Tempests on the way home because there aren't any reason to stay and fight outnumbered 1:2 waiting for the Spitfires to came and save the day…

We had dinner in a San Marino restaurant called “Falcon’s nest” because it was on the top of the San Marino citadel (have a look to this little Republic, a nice end to a nice day…

Saturday morning I met the “Ghost Group”, a gaming Association based in Udine (in the North East Italy) with a lot of experienced players of the “Fighting Wings” (printed by Clash of Arms) game system.

- gruppo.jpg

They had set-up a monster scenario: the USAF attack on Rabaul in the November of ’43. There were no cardboard counters in this battle: only 3D planes, ships and AAA…!!!! And don’t forget the jungle and the seafront hills bristling with AAA.

- Rabaul-01.jpg

Eight B-25 bombers were scheduled to enter the battle area (the Rabaul bay) by two-ship sections with a delay of 20 seconds between them. In the game scale 20 second became 5 gaming turns, enough for a bomber to exit the area before the arrival of the next wave.
In Rabaul’s bay were 20 anchored ships (but quickly starting the engine and moving…) and about 50 AAA position. Three “Zero” fighters were on CAP but three P-38 Lighting were entering the bay area.

I was the player with less “flight hours” on the system so I took the ‘tail end’ Lighting (Tail number 113…)

- Rabaul-113.jpg
My trusty One-Thirteen ;)

The start of the battle was a shocking experience: the bombers were entering the bay area with AAA shooting from all round, the defence fighters that were everywhere. I was concentrated to stay alive and I get only a bullet hit from a Zero but I never shot my guns!!!

The B-25s were using the ‘skip bombing’ technique risking a collision with the target ship’s masts when overflying them and took murderous fire from the AAA and the fighters.

I can't wait to play again with these first-class players, maybe next time I'll do something more than "support by presence"

- dissuasore.jpg
My 1-13 on a intercept course with a Zero fighter...the Mitsubishi will climb gracefully leaving me with no target...but the B-25 survived!
- dissuasore.jpg (165.94 KiB) Viewed 332 times
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Re: San Marino Game Convention (SMGC

Postby 50th » Wed May 24, 2017 5:08 pm

Looked like fun! I'm running two wargames at the June convention in Illinois! From Memoir 44, the "Battle of Khalkhin-Gol" battlemap series scenario, and a Battletech scenario that I wrote. Here is a picture of the back of the KG battlemap with a second scenario from the Pacific Theater:


Here is a picture of a play test of the Battletech scenario I will be running:


The red ribbon is supposed to represent a level two wall for a walled compound that they must break through and rescue their leader being held inside a building in the compound.
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