LNL Band of Heroes vs ASL Starter Kit #1

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LNL Band of Heroes vs ASL Starter Kit #1

Postby Whiterook » Thu Apr 07, 2016 10:15 pm

An Observation:
I had a lot of time on my hands in a hospital waiting room today so, I brought along the Lock 'N Load, Band of Heroes rules... and it dawned on me as I read through 16 pages of the *meat* of the infantry rules that, it is outstandingly comparable to ASL Starter Kit 1 :D

Having spent the last few weeks pouring over ASLSK1 rules and some play at a tourney; and now, re-reading LNL:BoH (which I have play time invested in the system, too)...it put me in a rather unique position of being in a position to compare the two systems from a bird's eye view.

As I read through BoH, I kept comparing it in my mind to ASLSK1. It was remarkable to me how similar they both are in concepts and mechanics; and in goals of what they both aim to do and portray.

Yes, there are certainly many difference...like LNL"BoH (compared to ASLSK1) doesn't have for example, the same kind of Firegroups; Assault Movement is very much different, as is Low Crawl; smoke is simplified in die roll; and combat itself is a lot less complicated than ASL. Several other things, too.

Another major difference is LNL:BoH touches lightly on storytelling (almost RPGish); whereas ASLSK1 is just plain old straight combat whoopass.....it does go deeper in the weeds than LNL:BoH, but not by a very wide margin.

But what I came away feeling from this exercise was, it really all comes down to what Mark Walker said all along in the design of the game: Less Guff. Well, compared to full rules ASL, anyway! :lol:

I am sure many will disagree with this, but honestly, I see a kinship in ideals of squad-level combat through slightly different prisms. When you go beyond the Starter Kit realm in ASL, that is where you see the vast difference between the systems play out (no pun intended)....but for pure ASLSK1 vs LNL:BoH, the playing field is pretty level.

In my view: If you own and like one, the other is definitely worth investing in!
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